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I was raised in the Pacific N.W. and  settled in Olympia Wa. after studying architecture at The Evergreen State College. I also studied with a master sculptor developing my skills as a  craftsman.


For many years, I ran a cooperative wooden boat and art co-op while supporting myself as a functional sculptor. 


In my other past lives, I have been an ocean sailor and firefighter.  I  delivered boats up and down the west coast and was involved in a National Geographic expedition which was studying the migration and eating habits of blue whales.  I also started my own firefighting company and converted a G.M.C  truck into a fully functioning fire truck.  I fought forest fires throughout Wa. and Oregon. 


For the past twenty years, I have been honing my craft as a home remodeler and contractor. I truly enjoy my work and helping people design and build the home of their dreams. 


I moved to the Bay Area fifteen years ago to be closer to my wife' s family. We have a wonderful, curious, and the joy of my life, fourteen-year-old son. 







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